When life gets rough, how do we rise?

When life gets rough, how do we rise? How do we accept life circumstances, when they are not what we had wanted and deeply desired? 

These are  the kinds of questions  that I have asked myself many times and this is what I have realized- there are a myriad of ways that we can each redefine, on our own terms, what it looks and feels like to each of us as individuals to be: healthy, in a relationship, married, living fully, strong, courageous, outspoken, and powerful. We can’t always control what happens in our lives, but we can control how we respond to it. 

By using the societal and cultural confines as a gauge, we neglect to see how much life there is to be LIVED, savored, and appreciated through all the in-betweens, hardships, challenges and adversity. 

We can redefine how we view and respond to our individual challenges as well as to others who are facing difficulties in their lives. I know because I have guided and observed my clients doing just that. And I’ve done it too…

While I LIVED AS FULLY AS POSSIBLE continuing to view myself as healthy through diagnoses, procedures, surgeries, receiving a heart transplant, six different occurrences of a transplant related cancer–I now see there are so many people who feel transplanted from their lives. 

We have the power to choose how we think, feel, and LIVE our lives!  We can transform our pain into purpose. With the messy middle as our canvas, we can create our own masterpiece! We can view ourselves as the victor, not the victim of our circumstances.

Are you ready to rise up and create the life you desire on your terms? Let’s do this! Want some support through this process- let’s connect! 

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