Jill consistently delivers inspirational talks that empower attendees to reevaluate their priorities, eliminate what no longer serves, and shift their mindsets to ones of confidence and resilience.

Whether speaking to individuals about thriving in the face of adversity or to corporations about building resilient teams, Jill is living proof that we have the power to use the cards we’re dealt to win the game.​


I will work with you to customize any of these talks based on your event or organization’s needs and objectives.

Recognize your courage. Reframe your challenge. Reinvent your life.

This high-energy and motivational talk walks the audience through Jill’s acclaimed signature process for tapping into their authentic confidence and navigating life’s challenges with both grit and grace. From choosing your responses and finding your YES! to becoming your greatest advocate and developing creative solutions, guests will leave inspired and motivated to build the lives of their dreams.

The Ordinary Art of an Extraordinary Life

In this heartwarming and emotional talk, Jill invites the audience to ask themselves the tough questions: how do I really want to live? What do I really want to be doing and with whom? A powerful reminder that tomorrow is never guaranteed, Jill knows all too well that the time is always NOW to create the meaningful adventure that is our lives.

The Bucket List Life: Change, Choice, and The Power of Yes

This action-inspiring talk serves as a reminder of power and purpose. Every moment of every day, you have the power to change your situations, to choose your responses, to shift your mindset, to say YES! to yourself. A bold, beautiful life is waiting for you on the other side of fear and Jill is committed to helping you claim it.


Be Your Own Superhero:

This motivating talk empowers tweens, teens, and young adults to begin to realize that their ability to advocate for themselves is their superpower. The audience will learn the many benefits of expressing their thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires as well as participating in medical conversations and decisions about their care. They will begin to recognize that they have the power to create change in their own lives, and that by advocating for themselves they become their own superhero. By the end of the talk, the audience members will be ready to put on their own capes and fly!

Power of Perspective: 

This eye opening talk will foster medical students and doctors alike to gain insight from a perennial patient’s perspective of how to: build rapport and create trust within the doctor patient relationship, deliver sensitive medical information and diagnoses, and encourage self-advocacy in their patients as they promote the idea that their patients are their own best advocates and collaborators.

I will work with you to customize any of these talks based on your event or organization’s needs and objectives.

Thank YOU for the wonderful presentation, and for sharing your story!  I received so much positive feedback from those that attended the session.  Everyone left with the spirit of YES!  Your journey has been amazing, and we thank you for sharing.

– Kitara B.

Thank you again for today’s presentation. Judith certainly wasn’t kidding when she said you were an amazing speaker.

-Tegan B.

Jill, what an incredible testimony!  Your indomitable spirit is an inspiration for us all!  Many blessings for your continued good health and your important work in helping others.

– Lenora M.


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