Jill Hollander is a speaker, certified life and health coach, and writer who inspires those around her to
recognize their courage,
reframe their challenges
and reinvent their lives.

By recognizing her own innate fighting spirit and conviction at a very early age, Jill has established herself as an authority on authentic confidence and unparalleled resilience. Simultaneously using the power of her own story to empower people to find their YES in every facet of their lives, Jill helps people around the world gain perspective and boldly claim what is truly important.  

Jill was born with a severe congenital heart defect. By the time she was in high school, she had already had two open-heart surgeries, a pacemaker and successfully been treated for endocarditis. Before graduation, she’d received a heart transplant – a moment that proved to be the confirmation she had long suspected: her story was one of purpose and meant to be shared so that everyone can discover and nurture the authentic confidence and resilience that already lie within each of us.

Her story of grit has gone on to include not just one, but six, triumphant responses to each Lymphoma diagnosis, each one allowing her to deepen her determination to actively create her life rather than merely survive. During these challenges, Jill managed to earn her undergraduate and master’s degrees, as well as met and married the love of her life

She has actively created a life filled with what matters most to her: going to concerts and fun filled activities, being in nature, living in a city that she loves, traveling the world, surrounding herself with family and friends, having a passion-filled career, and being conscious of the choices she makes, as well as how they impact her life. 

Today, Jill considers her story and her unique skill set to go hand-in-hand. She offers her clients a variety of tools and strategies that foster mindset shifts, create self-advocacy, and build resiliency. She understands that, no matter the circumstance, situation or challenge, there is always a full body YES! to be found.

Her gift is turning potential obstacles into opportunities, no matter what. Why? Because she’s done it and she knows the power- and freedom- that come with tapping into truly authentic confidence.

As a keynote speaker, Jill consistently delivers moving and inspirational talks that empower attendees to reevaluate their priorities, to eliminate anything that no longer serves, and to shift their mindsets to ones of confidence and resilience, allowing the negativity and limiting beliefs to be transformed. Whether speaking to individuals about the importance of not just prevailing, but thriving, in the face of adversity, to corporations about building resilient teams within their organizations, Jill is living proof that we don’t have to simply play the cards we were dealt. We have the power to use them to win the game.

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