YES You Can!

Our inner world directly impacts our outer world. What we think about ourselves, about life, and everything in between is mirrored back to us. What we say to ourselves and the thoughts that we think directly impacts our experiences. For years (going back all the way to my High School days), I had this belief that if I think negatively then positive things will happen. This came from what was modeled around me as well as my own experiences. I did this all the time when it came to grades if I wanted an A then I often thought I failed the test/ paper/ etc.. I did often get my desired result but in retrospect (and with the help of my therapist) I realized that I got what I wanted because I worked EXTREMELY hard to combat the obstacle that I created for myself which was thinking negatively rather than optimistically about the outcome. 

I often thought NO I CAN’T ____ (this blank line is where we each fill in what it is that we are personally doubting). How often do you think this to yourself? We all have different variations of this, but it leads to the same place of making it much more challenging to create the reality that we truly desire! Since we know thinking optimistically is a direct route to creating an inner world (your dialogue, your thoughts, and your self view) that serves you rather than sabotages you! How can you begin to change the NO I CAN’T _____ to a Y ES I CAN____?

I know for me one of the quickest ways to shift my negative feeling thoughts to one’s that are more optimistic is moving my body. One of my favorite ways to do this is my morning walk. These walks are often where I plant the seeds for the changes that I need to make whether it is recognizing my courage, reframing my challenges or reinventing an aspect of my life. On these walks is when the first steps often begin.

Yesterday on my walk, I saw YES YOU CAN written in cement. Which was just the reminder that I needed as I am experiencing big changes that have their own set of challenges. I want you to know that if you are: in a transitional period that is bringing up challenges, are in the midst of the messiness or feeling that it is time to create the life you really want and there is a part of you that is thinking NO I CAN’T_____. I want to remind you, YES YOU CAN!

Stay tuned because I will be sharing something in the next few days that will help you to rise when you feel like you are faltering, that will guide you to shift your perspective from NO I CAN’T, TO YES I CAN!