Recharge. Reboot. Reroute.

Have the past few weeks felt intense? If they have, you are NOT alone, I know that mine have! There were many roadblocks and detours that were happening. It felt at times that there was not a clear path in sight and the frustration and anger were mounting. I had to find a way to turn things around, to find some even ground.

I don’t know about you but I do not operate well when I feel that a lot of different areas of my life are experiencing challenges all at once like: 

  • Health: I accidentally burned my leg with hot water and got a second degree burn, less than a week later got a low grade fever and for someone with a low immune system it is concerning when fevers arise especially when I already had a burn that my doctor was closely watching to ensure that it did not become infected (and fevers are a sign that a wound may have become infected.) Additionally, many changes in my health care were starting to unfold. 
  • Life: technology difficulties, lack of availability of needed items, miscommunications, etc.
  • Relationship: arguments with my husband that I was finding challenging because we had not yet come up with a solution!

Also, I did not want these experiences to overshadow the great things that were also happening simultaneously. Such as:

  • Having my first in person speaking event since 2020
  • Being in talks about a future speaking opportunity at a large company
  • Receiving wonderful feedback from my coach who is helping me with a project that is in its final stages of this part of the process.
  • Loose ends were starting to come together. 

I wanted to APPRECIATE, SAVOR, & CELEBRATE all of the above while navigating the obstacles- without allowing the challenges to supersede the triumphs.

So, what did I do? I made the choice to: 

  • Recharge-I took the time to release my emotions in heart to heart phone calls with my mom, (that involved crying and outbursts of frustration- haven’t we all been there😊). While also practicing self-compassion by giving myself time to rest, time to be, time to reset. 
  • Reboot- I started to think about things differently, to reframe my thoughts and shift my perspective.
  • Reroute- I then started to do things differently to respond and react in ways that I had not before. 

This approach allowed me to reframe what wasn’t working by finding ways to think and act differently so I could navigate the challenges while simultaneously fully appreciating and savoring the great things. 

Since most of our lives in some version or another we experience both/and ( good/bad, challenge & triumphs) it is important to have approaches to use to navigate through it ALL. Life is precious and we don’t want to spend our time being consumed by what isn’t working that we don’t notice, appreciate, and savor what is going well! 

If you want to LIVE more fully, to release what isn’t serving you to embrace what is- let’s connect! I have spots available for individual coaching. I can help you to learn and use approaches to keep going, living and loving through all the ups, downs, twists, and turns! Life is precious and no one knows what tomorrow may bring so let’s work together to tap into your authentic confidence and resilience that already lies within you so you can live more authentically and fully as you reinvent aspects of your life that aren’t working for you so that you can become the artist of your greatest masterpiece, your life!!