Recognize Your Courage as You Navigate Your Pain

Pain of any sort: physical, emotional, etc., brings different levels of intensity that ebb and flow from subtle, bearable/manageable, becoming increasingly worse, unbearable, and all the nuances in between. At different stages of it, various responses/reactions occur- avoiding dealing with it when the pain is subtle is easier to do and sometimes we do just that. However, most of the time it doesn’t go away. It gets suppressed and pushed farther down and comes out in different ways. As the pain worsens, reactions often do too from angry outburst, to disproportionate reactions to smaller upsets because we are projecting our emotions that arise from the pain. 

Acknowledging our pain takes courage. We have to recognize our courage to begin to name the issue, claim that we need help to get to the root of it, and begin to make changes by taking action and getting the support that we need. Since, the more swiftly we deal with it- the more likely it is that we can manage it. It may involve going to a doctor to get more answers and guidance on the best way to deal with our physical pain. If the pain is emotional, seeking support from a therapist or coach will provide us with the opportunity to get to the root of it. By revealing it, we can begin to heal it as we learn tools, techniques, and strategies to navigate it. 

Seeking support to get through our pain is a choice. We have the power of choice and can decide to make changes at any time. We can choose our response to any given situation and decide to change our thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions accordingly. 

As we see that we can turn our obstacles into opportunities to look for and get support- to focus on what we can do rather than what we can’t. As each of us ask ourselves, how can I move forward armed with resources to face my pain in whatever form it comes by naming what it is, claiming that I need help, and beginning to seek support to make the necessary changes? As you remember that you get to choose your response and change your perspective as you find your YES! By recognizing your courage and choosing to face it rather than avoid it and claim it rather than shame it as you work within your circumstances to begin to transform your thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions. You can use your pain as a catalyst to rise up, by getting the support needed to move through it one step at a time with courage as your companion on this journey.