How Do We Begin Anew Through Uncharted Territory?

When there seems like there is no final endpoint, no period to mark the ending, how do we begin again-start anew? There is something within us and beyond us, that knows what to do, how to navigate. 

When there are no clear directions of how to proceed, we can recognize our courage as we trust our intuition and allow it to help us to find our way through the unknown and uncharted territory. Step by step, day by day we will begin to find ways to think, feel, and act that are aligned with where we are in this moment and where we are going. 

We may be asking ourselves when, how, and where to begin? My personal and professional experiences have taught me to: 

  • Begin where you are.
  • Start slow and gain momentum. 
  • Rest, self-care, determination, and perseverance will help you to keep going when the road gets bumpy.
  • No one knows what you need like you do, trust your intuition.

As you begin anew on the unclear path, others may be taking their own route or charting the same path differently- we are individuals each navigating situations in our own way and that is a-okay. Stay in your own lane and focus on what is real, true, and right for you as you begin anew.