What’s The Plan?

Having a plan, a pathway helps us to hope, cope and deal when the road gets bumpy which allows us to feel well resourced, and promotes a resilient response. Every time that I have been given upsetting news, such as hearing you have cancer, you are at a higher risk of getting and being negatively affected by COVID, you are not able to get health insurance in the state in which you live and continue to work with your life-saving, top-notch, team of doctors, etc., I have used problem-solving skills to create a plan which has allowed me to rise with resiliency. With both health and life challenges having a multi-tiered plan that leaves room for options and flexibility is optimal because when thrown a curveball, it is often not a straight or easy path towards a resolution. 

How can you begin to create a plan and clear a pathway to help you through the challenges or bumps in the road? 

What I have personally experienced and noticed with my coaching clients are:

  • An optimal plan is one that is individualized to the needs, lifestyle, and circumstances of each person.
  • It is often both an individual and collaborative experience.
    • Involving key people helps to create a plan that has accountability as well as consistency and continuity. 
  • Plans that are conceptualized with more than one option establish a tone from the beginning that regardless of what comes up that there are options, which helps to ensure a sense of security knowing that there is a safety net of possibilities.

Having this in mind, before an issue arises helps to feel prepared and ready to create a plan that works for you. This will empower you to navigate challenges with resiliency. We have the power to choose our responses, our plans, and our ability to move onward no matter what!