The Waiting Game

Waiting for a call back from the person you really like? 

Waiting to find out if you got your dream job?

Waiting to find out if your recent round of IVF took? 

Waiting for an essential treatment or a life-saving transplant? 

Waiting for further testing after receiving the dreaded call that something didn’t seem quite right on the initial test? 

Whether waiting for good or bad news the time in between can be irritating, frustrating, and filled with juxtaposing thoughts and feelings. While waiting, we can think of all the possibilities of what it can be but what we don’t know is what it actually is! 

The real question is, what can we do to take care of our emotional and physical well-being during this in-between time that can feel like forever? 

We can…

  • Recognize our courage, because facing the unknown takes strength, resiliency, and tenacity.
  • Focus on what we can control such as our mindset, our perspective, our thoughts, feelings, and actions. 
  • Be diligent and vigilant of our self-talk, because we can occupy our minds with thoughts that make us anticipate gloom and doom ahead, or we can choose to shift our perspective as we think about hopeful scenarios of an optimistic outcome.

Remember, the answer will come for better or worse. What we choose to do until it does is ours to decide. During this waiting game we have the power to choose and choose again. We can keep calling on the courage that it takes to: tell ourselves a different more uplifting story, shift perspective, get out of our own head, get out of our own way, and invite in light, hope, optimism, support, and the opportunity for the outcome to surprise and delight us.