What We Can Name and Claim, We Can Change!

A sure fire way to change any situation, relationship, or challenge is to take a good long look at what role we played to get ourselves here in the first place. Often we blame others, our situation, our upbringing etc. When we stop pointing fingers externally and begin to look within, we can start to not only name where we are at but claim the actions and the role that we played in getting to this point. This is when we can become a catalyst for change. 

Contrarily, when we are unwilling or unable to really look at ourselves and hold ourselves accountable then we will stay where we are for better or worse. The first step forward begins when we decide that we are willing to take responsibility for our part. I know there are many things that happen that are outside our control. However, the power lies in knowing that we can ALWAYS choose how we respond. If our first few responses did not get us in the direction that we desire to go then we can continually:

  • Reassess our situation. 
  • Reach out for help and support. 
  • Reframe our perspective. 
  • Refocus our attention toward getting our desired results. 

We don’t have to stay stuck, sad, and scared. We can recognize our courage and choose to name and claim that we are in a situation, a relationship, a career, a body that we don’t want to be in and we can take empowered action steps to create lasting change.