Intentional Reinvention

As I find myself starting to do things that I have dreamed of doing for almost two years, I am experiencing a swirl of various emotions as I am navigating figuring out what works for me now. I am noticing this opportunity to intentionally choose what feels right for me at this time. Some of my decisions are similar to how I did things before March 2020 and some are different. I am approaching this transition period with curiosity as I figure out how I want to intentionally reinvent ways of doing things.

I see this as an invitation to intentionally decide how I want to think, feel, act and react at this time. If we so desire, this can be a time for each of us to start anew, as we discover what works now and move forward in that direction. This is a fluid process that will evolve, change, and adapt as situations and circumstances do- this is an opportunity to be more flexible and less rigid when making decisions. We can decide what works at this time, knowing that things will change and we will reassess how or if these changes impact our choices. 

When you are going to do something that you haven’t in a while after a significant life event, I invite you to ask yourself:

  • How do I want to think, feel, act, and react as I navigate doing this since ______?
  • What works for me now?
  • Does doing this the way I did before still feel right for me? Or is it time to intentionally choose to do this differently?

Intentionally reinventing how we do things takes desire, curiosity, and self-reflection. It is a way to establish new ways of being with ourselves, with our loved ones, in our communities, and in the world. This invitation invites us to free ourselves from doing what we have always done, and choose to do it in a way that feels more aligned and fulfilling for who we are and where we are now. Whose with me? Let’s do this!