The Relationship Alphabet!

Relationships are complex dynamics. They certainly are not as easy as reciting the ABCs. No matter what type of relationship: the one with ourselves, with our parents, partners, siblings, or friends-relationships in general take time, energy, understanding, communication, commitment, and dedication. Relationships can fill us with joy, motivation, inspiration as well as frustration, heartache, & heartbreak. This is one of the many reasons that they can be so complicated and complex.

I have found that the more that I change, transform, and evolve so do my relationships. When one person changes in a relationship it shifts the reactions and interactions with and of others. When we reinvent aspects of ourselves, we reinvent aspects of our relationships.

If you are in a relationship that you are finding challenging begin to ask yourself:

  • Am I prioritizing myself and my needs? 
  • How would I act if I was operating from a place of self-love?
  • How can I begin to respond differently in this relationship in a way that is more aligned with my needs, desires, and values?


We can not control how the other person acts or reacts but we can control how we do- in any given situation and relationship we have the power to choose how we respond and how we decide to continue to be in that relationship or not. The more we love ourselves, we set higher standards of how we allow others to treat us. When we do this, we create relationships where we are treated well, valued, respected, loved, and appreciated.