The Power to Choose Our Response!

The choice is ours- we always have the power to choose how we think, feel, act, and react to any given situation. The barrier that many of us come up against is that we forget that the power to choose is within us and not outside of us. Therefore, we often find ourselves looking outside of ourselves for the answers. With so many things out of our control, it is important and empowering to remember that there is so much that is within our control- we have the power to choose how we respond to any situation, conversation, challenge, etc. 

I know that I have had many experiences where I have looked to others for the answers instead of first searching internally. Contrarily, there have been other times when I looked within first, and inevitably those were the outcomes that were far superior to the ones where I was influenced by others. Have you experienced this too? When we follow our intuition and inner guidance we are much more likely to create a plan and path that is more authentically aligned with our values, our beliefs, and our desires.

When you find yourself looking externally for answers, ask yourself: 

  • Have I forgotten that the power to choose is within me? 
  • Have I checked in with myself yet? If not, do that first.
  • What is the desired outcome that I want? 
  • What choices will support that outcome?

Once you have first looked inwardly and you know your authentic thoughts and beliefs on the topic, then it can become beneficial to look outside of yourself for support from others who can help you to reach your desired outcome. This is why it is essential that we remember that we always have the power to choose our response! We are the compass on our journey, we have to look inward first to make an authentic decision, and from there we can point everyone that will be helping, supporting, teaching, and guiding us in the direction that we want to go! Your choices can transform the trajectory of YOUR life’s journey, so why would you let anyone but YOU choose how YOU respond?!