What is Your Special Sauce?

Sometimes we don’t notice our greatest strengths and how we “do” what we do, because our abilities are on autopilot. We are so used to being naturally gifted in specific areas that we don’t always acknowledge them for the gifts that they are- which can cause us to not clearly see our special sauce, our magic dust that we sprinkle wherever we go when we are being authentically ourselves.

Let’s ask ourselves:

  • What is it that makes me, ME? 
  • What sets me apart?
  • What do I do naturally that others find amazing?

Give yourself time for these answers to unfold, it can take a while. You may want to ask people who you trust to give you insight and feedback to help you to answer these questions. As often others see us in a way that we don’t see ourselves!

Let’s support one another as we start to notice what makes us special, what makes us authentically and uniquely us! We all have traits that set us apart that are unique to each of us, let’s start to name and claim what they are, you’ve got this!