Two Tips to Realistically, Optimistically, Hopefully, & Proactively Deal!

When we practice what I call active acceptance which is realistically, optimistically, hopefully, and proactively accepting what is and where we are shifts the way that we think, feel, act, and interact with others. This fosters a resilient response. Working with people who are experiencing challenges (NOs as I call them) I have noticed that individuals and families that directly, honestly, and proactively acknowledge what is, tend to have a more resilient response than people who are not yet ready to fully accept their situation(s).

You may be wondering how you can begin to practice active acceptance. Here are two tips to get you started:

  • To begin, you may want to work with a coach or therapist to help you to navigate how to develop strategies to directly acknowledge your situation.
  • Inviting your skeletons that you may have been denying and/or avoiding to come out of hiding, allows you to be able to deal with your circumstances directly and realistically.

Once we are no longer avoiding directly confronting what is-we can start to realistically, optimistically, hopefully, and proactively deal with our circumstances. This will empower us to show up in a way that we weren’t before. Doing this takes courage, time, and patience. I highly suggest working with a therapist and/or coach to unpack your hidden skeletons so you can show up and face your reality realistically, optimistically, hopefully, and proactively.  When we do this we are able to have a resilient response as we rise up to our challenges.