Purposeful Pause

Sometimes when we think of pausing- it can bring up feelings of time standing still. We can look at this from a different perspective where a pause can be filled with purpose and intention. 

At times we don’t need to act or react, we may just need to be. When we feel the swirl of thoughts, feelings, and emotions about any aspect of our lives- it may be that we need to stop thinking, doing, acting, and reacting and take time to press pause and allow ourselves to be, to let ourselves reconnect with our internal compass.

When we decide to press pause from this place of intention we can release the ways that we may have been controlling or trying to micromanage. When we do this, things can begin to unfold with more ease and flow. And who wouldn’t like more ease and flow in their lives? I know that I would. 

When we consciously choose to step back, press pause- this is a way to give ourselves permission to stop overdoing, or suffocating a situation, a relationship, a goal, etc., to the point that it has no breathing room- no space to evolve, unfold, and develop in the way that would be best for all. By intentionally pausing, releasing control, we create space for things to unfold, the power of an intentional pause can be transformative!

By intentionally pausing, we are giving ourselves permission to:

  • Begin to view things differently.
  • See ourselves and how we want to show up in a new light.
  • We can connect with our authentic voice.
  • We can start to think of ways to use problem-solving skills to create solutions to make what feels like a NO closer to a YES!
  • We can connect with our power within and start to believe in ourselves in a way we never had before. 
  • We will see how we can respond to our setbacks to create a comeback.

By intentionally pausing you can feel empowered and inspired to rise up to your current situation in a way that you only could have gotten to by taking a step back, allowing things to settle, so you can reconnect within and emerge feeling empowered and inspired. You’ve got this!