Let’s Talk About Time!

The concept of time has been occupying my mind. There are so many ways that we can think about this:

  • Infinite time
  • Actual time
  • Precious time
  • Emotional time (time to mourn, grieve, & transform)
  • Limited time

With all of this, it can come down to how do we really want to spend our precious time here on earth? How do we want to feel? Who do we want to be around? How do we want to think and act?  

These are essential aspects to feel into as we look at time management:

  • How are we filling our days? 
  • Are we spending enough time doing the things that light us up with the people that we love?
  • Are we doing what we want to do or what we feel we have to do? 
  • Also, how can we better balance the have to’s and the want to’s throughout your day, week, month, and year?

These are thought-provoking questions that each of us can get more clarity on by truly taking the time to feel into what time means specifically to each of us. How are we managing our time now, and how do we desire to be doing so in the future? This is my loving invitation to you, to invite you to look at how these various concepts of time: infinite time, actual time, precious time, emotional time, and limited time are impacting you and your loved ones at this moment in time. What is working? What would you like to shift, and how can you begin to do that?

Remember that change of any kind takes time. One small step in the direction that you desire puts you on your direct path of making the most of the time that you have living your one precious life!