Releasing The Old to Invite in The New

Do you feel the winds of change shifting? The season may be changing, you may be starting a new career, in the early stages of a new relationship, or going through a life transition. Any or all of the above can prompt us to reflect as we take stock of what it is we truly want, and how we can begin to release what we don’t. During times of transition and transformation, we may be holding on to what was which may be preventing us from truly stepping into what can be possible. How can we release the old to invite in the new?

Let’s start to ask ourselves…

  • What is it that I truly desire in my life, health, relationships, and/or career? 
  • Is the way that I am currently thinking, feeling, and acting in alignment with my desires?
  • As you begin to look at each of the above areas of your life- does one area seem to need more focus and attention than the others?
  • Is there a pattern of behaving that needs to be released, and replaced with an updated version that is more aligned with your desires?

The more honest that we can be with ourselves the sooner that we can get to the root of what isn’t working for us any longer, and start to take empowered action to release the old to invite in the new.

By acknowledging what is and isn’t serving you, you can begin to release and let go of thoughts, feelings, or actions that are holding you back or preventing you from letting go of what was to create what could be possible.

As you release the old, you will begin to invite in a new and different response that is self-serving instead of self-defeating. This updated response will better align with your intuition, thoughts, feelings, and actions, which will allow you to create the internal and external transformations to step into the new wholeheartedly with courage, confidence, and conviction.