How do I really want to live?

Life can feel uncertain at times, especially these past few years. My experiences grappling with the concept of how to live as fully as possible with so much uncertainty and unknowns, has shown me that by connecting with my inner fighting spirit to find my YES! to create a life that makes me feel empowered and inspired no matter what encourages me to ask myself, if I have limited time…how do I really want to live?

This question came from my life experiences of having: 

  • An extremely slow and complicated three-year period starting when I was 15 years old of not knowing how well my heart was functioning, when my heart would fail, and when I would become eligible to get on the heart transplant list.
  • Then, once I was on the list the question became- would I get a heart in time?
  • Once I heard the miraculous news that I received a heart within only two weeks of being on the list, now the unknowns were surrounding how I would respond to surgery and if my body would accept or reject the new heart.
  • Then, once I generally responded well to my new heart with some ups and downs of course- the question then became how do I plan for a future if it is likely that I have limited time? (When I was first transplanted in 1998, I was told that the average time that a heart lasts is eight years-this is no longer the case.) I lived for many years believing that my heart may only last eight years.
  • Then in 2012, I was diagnosed with a type of transplant-related cancer and needed chemotherapy. The uncertainty was surrounding how I would tolerate the treatment, and if there would be a positive response.
  • Once I gratefully responded well to chemotherapy, the unknown became would the cancer come back?
  • The cancer did return. After multiple occurrences and successful responses each time, the uncertainty and fear had me asking myself, how can I do everything in my power to avoid another occurrence?  
  • Then the global pandemic came and dealing with it as a person with a compromised immune system has me dealing with a whole host of new unknowns.

I know we all have our own experiences and reasons that prompt us to reevaluate our choices and may have us questioning- how we really want to live? 

What I have learned over and over again is that life is the most precious gift!! 

Through all the uncertainty connecting with my resilient fighting spirit, empowered me to make my life worth fighting for by finding my YES! even in a sea of NOs. Both small and big YES! moments have gotten me to live my life as fully as possible through all the ups, downs, twists and turns, as I keep asking myself, how do I really want to live?

I am passionate about helping people through empowerment coaching and motivational speaking to connect with their inner fighting spirit to find their YES! even in a sea of NOs and to live their lives as fully as possible no matter what. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, so if there is something that you really want to do, pack up your shit (we all got some) and go for it!