What is at the Root of Your Resistance?

As a lot of things are changing, we may find that we are having resistance around releasing the old. Especially since for many of us, myself included, there are so many changes happening all at once. We may find ourselves resisting all of the unknowns and new beginnings. How can we determine when to resist resistance? 

I know a thing or two about resistance. Through my health journey, there have been many times when my answer at first was a hard NO. When I would ask myself, why am I saying NO? At times I would realize my emotions were at the root of my response. Each time that I realized this I persisted through the resistance and turned that hard NO into a YES! I have done this so many times that when making choices regarding my health, I can quickly decipher an emotionally-driven NO response from an intuitively guided and grounded NO response which are extremely different. 

An emotionally-driven resistant response can be very reactive and abrupt. It is important to give yourself time to process your feelings and emotions. Resistance is definitely okay and I believe necessary. It is a layer of protection helping us to determine if it is safe, healthy, and productive for us to stay or if we truly need to go. It is important to take time to assess what is causing your resistant response.

Key questions to ask yourself to determine what is at the root of your resistance:

  • What is driving my resistance? 
  • What are the feelings causing my resistant response?
  • Are my emotions in the driver’s seat, leading me directly to resistance and possibly avoidance?
  • Is my intuition guiding me away from something that is not going to serve me?

The answers to these questions can help you to decide how to proceed, and determine if your resistance is stopping you or serving you.

Taking time to sit with your resistance and figure out the root cause for its existence can propel you forward feeling empowered and inspired!