Two Tips to Help You to Reduce Overwhelm so You Can Find Creative Solutions to Challenges

As the seasons change so does the energy surrounding that time of year. Fall brings a revving-up energy from the previous season, Summer. As we collectively transition from the being mode of summer to the doing mode of Fall, we can start to feel overwhelmed with all the To-Dos. Overwhelm can come in many forms and for many reasons especially when dealing with challenges of any kind. When we become overwhelmed it is generally more difficult to focus and think straight. When our minds feel jumbled, how can we cut through the noise to find creative solutions?

Finding creative solutions to challenges involves clarity, focus, and being able to connect with your intuition which is often not possible when feeling overwhelmed. Here are two tips to help you to reduce feelings of overwhelm so you can use problem-solving skills to find creative solutions:

  • Organize your space. When our workspace or home is disorganized, often our thoughts are too. Organizing your things can reorganize your thoughts. 
  • Take a break, both mentally and physically. Stop what you are doing and thinking by bringing in a centering activity such as: walking in nature, dancing, yoga, mediation, cooking, writing- whatever it is for you that helps you to feel both grounded and guided.

When we quiet our minds- what once felt blocked feels clear, what felt scary now feels exciting, what felt impossible now feels not only possible but plausible. Clearing out the clutter in our minds leads to focused attention on how to find creative solutions to our problems, so we can begin to rise up to our challenges.