When the winds of change come- it can make us feel like we want to run, to do something to numb or dull the intense emotions of fear that often coexist with change. Any change both wanted and unwanted.

Armoring ourselves with tools, techniques, and support structures can help us to feel empowered and supported during times of change. We have all had to deal with a lot of intense changes one after another, and the hits seem to keep on coming!

Have you had a chance to truly process this, and feel the fears that have accompanied those changes? 

I have been feeling the fears that inevitably coexist with the changes. To process my emotions, I have been checking in and observing my fearful thoughts. As I do this, I am asking myself:

  • Is this a healthy and helpful fear that will keep me safe
  • Is this an unnecessarily scary thought that is weighing me down instead of moving me forward? 

Which of your fears are helping you to be proactive and which fears are holding you back? 

Creating a structure that will support me to honor my self-serving fears, and release the fearful stories that can be self-defeating is essential. The approach that works for me is:

  • Writing in my gratitude journal to focus on what is working and going well to foster mindset shifts. 
  • Practicing QiGong to release the tension in my body. 
  • Dancing to high-energy music aligns both my mindset and releases emotions physically.
  • Reaching out to my support systems both personal and professional. 

What are some things that you can begin to do to create a container to help you to feel supported as you move through the changes?

We can feel grounded and guided both internally and externally as the winds of change shift. We need to be willing to be honest about where we are, and what we need so we can get the help and support that will motivate us to feel our fears as we take empowered actions. As we do this, we will each see our resilient fighting spirit shine brightly!