Through the NOs we can find our YES! When we are experiencing the most hard-hitting and soul-crushing challenges that make us want to scream a big loud NO! our big bold beautiful YES! can be much closer than we ever could have imagined!

This week 22 plus years ago started with me waiting to receive a heart transplant while intravenously receiving life-sustaining medications. I was feeling the NOs of all the unknowns such as:

  • Will I get a heart?
  • Will the surgery go well?
  • Will I live?

There was extreme uncertainty about my life and its trajectory. I balanced feeling the NOs with finding ways to:

  • Advocate for myself
  • Be resilient
  • Hope, cope, and deal

This is how my fighting spirit empowered me to find ways to say YES! even in a sea of NOs.

If you are swimming in the NOs right now, I am sending you love and encouragement to hold on to hope- as you never know what is to come- it may just be that your Big, Bold, Beautiful YES! is much closer than you could have ever imagined. I know that this was true for me when 22 plus years ago, I was in the hospital just waiting and holding on to hope not knowing that in a mere few hours that I was going to receive a miracle, a second chance at life when I received the call that a heart had become available and I was going to get a heart transplant. 

When my doctor called to share the AMAZING news that was months earlier than predicted, as it was mentioned to plan for a 6-month wait, and I had only been on the transplant list for two weeks. My response when hearing that I was going to get a heart transplant that night was…

“I’m not ready, I’m not ready!” 

I took a deep breath.

I then said, “I am scared, but I am ready!”

Saying YES! even when I was scared, more specifically terrified, changed the entire trajectory of my life. That night I received the gift of life! My donor and their family gave me, a complete stranger, the greatest gift of ALL! I honor this MOST MIRACULOUS gift by saying YES! to my health and creating my YES! filled life. On August 6th, I will be celebrating 23 years since I made the life-saving choice when I took a leap of faith and said YES! to second chances, to new beginnings, and to receiving miracles. 

Living wholeheartedly involves taking chances, being courageous, and taking heartfelt hope inspired action steps. Connecting with your resilient fighting spirit can propel you forward through all your challenges by helping you to stay optimistic and proactive. Believing that through all the challenges that even in a sea of NOs that you can keep showing up and saying YES! to LIFE, to LIVING, to starting anew, and especially to AWE-INSPIRING MIRACLES.