As the world begins to open up we may notice that we are defining and redefining what this means for each of us. While I am helping people to find their YES! during this time I am noticing that we are needing time to readjust and recalibrate. We have just been through a traumatic time. I know from my lived experience of having four years where my heart was slowly failing before receiving a heart transplant that the aftermath has its own set of triumphs as well as trials and tribulations. The aftermath of this Pandemic is different in so many ways. We were impacted globally so we are not only dealing with our own post trauma responses, but also of all of the people that we interact with from our inner circle outward.

There is so much that we may be thinking and feeling. For many we may be feeling that we can finally exhale! We have made it to this point! Now what? How can we consciously and authentically emerge? Many of us may want to hold on to the lessons and perspective that we gained. We may be defining and redefining: what is truly important to us, how we want to spend our time, create more of a work/life balance etc. We may be reevaluating what doing our best truly means.

That brings me to this concept of doing your best in the now and beyond. Here are four approaches to help you determine what is your version of doing your best: 

  • First I encourage you to ask yourself, what does doing my best mean to me? 
    • There can be many versions and variations. We get to choose how we define it for ourselves.
      • You may want to ask yourself:
      • What is in my best interest?
      • What is best for me? 
      • How can I say YES! to prioritizing my needs? 
  • Create a flexible mindset around what “best” is, and how you show up in that way. 
    • Doing your best today may be listening to your body and fully resting. Whereas tomorrow it can look very different. You may want to ask yourself, what does showing up as my best look like today?
  • Develop a self-loving dialogue.
    • One example is to say to yourself, I deserve the very best! 
  • These habits can help you to practice consistency, which is key when making changes. 

If we show up doing what we deem as best knowing that we have the power to choose and choose again our thoughts, feelings, perspective, attitude, and actions at any time. The more we get in the practice of doing this, the more we can authentically decide what is best for us throughout the day every day.

The more we show up for ourselves during this time of transition by consciously choosing how we define our best can transform how we think, feel, and act in that moment, day, and future day’s to come.