The In-Between

There have been SO MANY life changing events in the past year. It is not surprising that we may be feeling like who we were before these experiences, and now is very different. We may even be noticing that parts of our lives no longer fit us.

It can be that we have changed our perspective or feelings about any or all of the following: 

  • our relationship to self
  • friendships
  • romantic relationships
  • career choices
  • the way we think about our health and well-being
  • ______(for you to think about what it is for you, if not already mentioned above). 

In any or all the ways that you have shifted, evolved, and transformed through this time may have you feeling transplanted from your own life. You may feel that you are in the in-betweens, as you are no longer where or who you were before, but you are not yet fully integrating who you are and where you are now into your life.   

As we are experiencing this time of in-betweens. We may notice that we could be taking better care of ourselves or treating ourselves with more self-compassion than we are currently. When I feel this way, I ask myself if I was acting in a self-loving way what would I do differently? I allow this answer to guide me as I begin to nurture myself more.

By acting in a way that is self-serving and self-loving, I begin to take care of myself from a place of deep self-love. How can you begin to act in a more self-compassionate loving way and start nourishing yourself more today?