Let’s come together and Celebrate!

No matter where we are in this moment we can find something regardless of how minuscule or major to appreciate. Many of us have recently experienced unprecedented NOs and some are still in the midst of it, and some may be beginning to process. Wherever you are in this journey, I would love for each of us to take a moment and celebrate! We have made it to this point!

Think of all the small and big ways that you:

  • protected yourself
  • practiced self-care
  • showed up even when it took everything in you for you to do so
  • advocated for yourself or loved ones
  • took a stand
  • tried something new
  • kept yourself and your family safe
  • looked for light in the darkness

I am CELEBRATING YOU today!! You are strong and resilient!

While I am celebrating all of you and encouraging you to celebrate yourselves. I want to walk my talk and celebrate myself with you! I am extremely passionate about helping people to FIND THEIR YES! EVEN IN A SEA OF NOs! As someone that lives life in the in-betweens.

“With the messy middle as my canvas,
I have created my own personal masterpiece.”

I have learned to THRIVE and LIVE by looking for and finding both small big ways to say YES! to myself, my health, and my life! I am honored and grateful to share my insights, knowledge, tools, and strategies that I have learned and honed throughout the years. As an empowerment coach and motivational speaker, I help people to connect with their fighting spirit and to find a way to say YES! even when they are experiencing a series of NOs.

That was the background and build-up, and now for the celebration! 

Last night I hosted an event exclusively for members of The HIVE By Soul Camp, where I shared my journey of Finding MY YES! through ALL my NOs, and how I did it and continue to do it time and time again. Hearing the feedback from attendees who are fully in the NOs at this time, what truly resonated with them, and some of their major takeaways from my interactive conversation fills me with gratitude and celebration.

This is the feedback I received of some of their major takeaways:

  • How to develop a fighting spirit
  • Recognizing we always have choice
  • Allowing ourselves to be in the no’s of life, the messy middles, and allowing ourselves to feel it fully
  • Choosing to live every single day “I choose to be here, I choose to live, I choose to fight” even in the darkness
  • The importance of celebrating ourselves along the journey
  • All the small ways we can begin to say YES! to life

This is what I am CELEBRATING and want to share with all of YOU! To be the owner and founder of a business with heart, grounded in purpose and service means the world to me!