Allow your journey to unfold as you release some control. 

I have found that this is easier to say than it is to do (at least it is for me🙂). There is a part of me that loves order and control and there is another aspect that enjoys freedom and flexibility. At times this can become an internal conflict. I have found over time more of a balance, and I have found that by bringing these polarizing aspects together has helped me to become more adaptable during times of change. YES!, this is something that has had to be developed more, and more during this Pandemic. In many ways it is still being honed and strengthened.

At this time there is so much to celebrate like the world opening up; whatever that means specifically for you while there are also still so many unknowns. If we are being completely honest with ourselves life is full of unknowns. Finding ways to allow things to unfold as we release some control is extremely important. This can be challenging especially for recovering perfectionists or lovingly self-proclaimed control freaks…I am absolutely including myself here 🙂😂.

I have found that there are ways to create space to allow things to unfold instead of controlling or forcing them to happen. These are my top three strategies so far:

  • Developing the ability to adapt and adjust is essential. A great place to start is to begin to shift the polarizing mindset of all or none to one that allows for many shades of grey- full of various versions, and variations of what can be possible.

  • Having options are so important and powerful, because it leaves room for variability. There can be a few possibilities (for example- option A, B, or C) and you can then choose accordingly depending on what else is going on at that time.
  • Creating flexible plans allows you to already have in mind that things could definitely change, and enables you to feel some sense of control while simultaneously knowing that if things don’t go as planned it is okay, because in some ways you have planned for that. A flexible plan leaves space for things to shift, evolve, grow, or expand.

You may find that integrating some or all of these approaches into your life may help you as it has helped me to be more open, flexible, and adaptable when experiencing change and navigating unfamiliar scenarios.