A Three-Step Process for Times of Transition

Are you feeling the winds of change coming your way? Can you feel it before you can fully see it or experience it? If so, you may be in the midst of a transformation that usually involves a period of transition.

Are you experiencing this now, where you feel like you are no longer where you used to be, but not quite where you want to be yet? Periods of transition can be complicated, you may find that you have many different emotions that you are experiencing all at the same time. You may find yourself wanting to cling to the old because it is safe, and comfortable while another part of you can not wait for the new to fully emerge!

"Dealing with what is can
create all that is possible!"

During these times, you may feel more emotional than usual, and you may feel some uncertainty. You may want to try to control situations to feel safer and more grounded, but you know that what you truly need is to sit with the discomfort and allow things to unfold. I know how uncomfortable, confusing, and frustrating this can be at times. I have gone through many periods of transition relating to major health and life events. I am in the midst of a life change now as many of us may find ourselves as we have been through and are still in a global pandemic. This experience has brought up so much on many levels: personally, professionally, and collectively. Many of us may find that the way we did certain things before is no longer working for us now.

 I want to share the three-step process that I have used time and time again when in a period of transition leading to a transformation.

This three-step process is:

  • Name it: What is it that is no longer serving you? It may take some time to fully uncover what specifically that is, and even a bit longer to have the words to describe it. You may find that there is more than one area, and if at all possible I would suggest to focus on the one area that is causing the most upset and/or distress in your life and start there.
  • Claim it: Claiming the area/person/thing etc. that is no longer serving you allows you to take the power back. It feels empowering to take ownership and responsibility for your part in being in this place. Remind yourself that you can change your actions at any given time, and this can help you to feel inspired and empowered.
  • Deal with it: Now that you have named the area/person/thing etc., and claimed your part in it or the escalation of it. You can start to deal by taking empowered action by shifting your thoughts, feelings, and actions. This is integral in getting you from where you are now to where you desire to go next. Dealing with what is can create all that is possible!

This process does involve some patience because it takes time to get through each step. At times you may find that you need to go back a step to then continue to move forward. Each time that I have done this process it has propelled me onward to saying YES! to the time of change and transition while leading to a transformation. Hope that you find this process helpful. You are brave, bold, beautiful, and the power lies within you to transform your life.