Facing Challenges!

Last week I started to experience the beginning of what feels like many more shifts to come. When a lot starts to shift at once it is challenging for me at first. I feel off centered as I am going through it. Change in all forms can feel unsettling, it definitely does for me. When there are big changes in my life, I face challenges.

"I begin to take action steps to Find my YES! to deal with what is to create what could be possible."

When I am facing challenges, I allow myself to really feel the NOs. When I am in my NO spiral it is INTENSE! Fortunately, it is usually fast and furious. My life experiences have shown me that this process is my first response. My second response is taking empowered action. My second response is initiated when my negative self-talk and pity party start to get on my nerves. This is when I begin to take action steps to find my YES! to deal with what is to create what could be possible.

Some of the empowered action steps I am taking are:

  • Reading inspiring quotes motivates me to begin to shift my perspective, and create more positive self-talk.
  • The more positive self-talk helps me to feel grounded and centered. From this grounded and guided place, I can now reflect upon my previous emotions and reactions.
  • When I feel centered, grounded, and in touch with my intuition I get many insights about my feelings that I make sure to write down to bring to my therapy appointment. Dealing for me involves asking for help, and reaching out for support to provide me with a shift in perspective, guidance, tools, etc.
  • Getting fresh air and being in nature helps to shift my mindset.
  • Exercising. Moving my body helps me to reframe my thoughts and to feel empowered to take action.

All of the above are ways that help me to make what feels like a NO closer to a YES! This helps me to feel empowered and inspired.

How can you begin to respond to a NO in your life to make it closer to a YES! by taking empowered action?