Are you Longing For Something Extraordinary?

Have you ever thought that maybe what you are searching for is in the ordinary? The ordinary is EXTRAORDINARY! As someone who has faced multiple potential life threatening experiences like: two open heart surgeries, a heart transplant, and six different occurrences of a transplant related cancer I have truly experienced that life is precarious and extremely precious. When I deeply reflect on my life and life experiences what I cherish most are ordinary moments:

  • Precious moments with friends and family
  • Celebrating birthdays, holidays, and their milestones with loved ones
  • Watching the sunset with my husband
  • Hikes in nature -Laughing so hard until I cry
  • Being with my niece and nephew
  • Family dance parties
  • Baking with my mom

I believe this pandemic has invited us all
to truly see that life is precarious and so very precious!

When life as we had known it abruptly and temporarily transformed, what so many of us missed the most is what used to feel so ordinary:

  • Feeling safe when leaving the house
  • Talking to neighbors, friends, and family in person with no mask and no apprehension
  • Going shopping with ease – Safely gathering with friends and family with no restrictions and no masks
  • Hugging your family and friends
  • Not feeling concerned about risk of infection, and how that will impact your health after each interaction.

We are all having the opportunity to appreciate the ordinary and realize that the ORDINARY is EXTRAORDINARY! How can you cherish this unprecedented holiday season by finding the extraordinary in the ordinary? As the new year gets closer, I hope that you all dream up amazing ideas of how you will embrace the ordinary in extraordinary ways in 2021!