Gifts to Give Yourself

This time of year I am typically away on vacation. Like many people, I had a vacation all planned and booked that I had to cancel this year. I was supposed to be leaving this week and I have been really wanting to have the feeling of “a break.” 

Vacations are my time to reflect and reset. For me, vacations feed my soul. They are a gift that I give myself. While I was thinking of how to create this for myself minus the vacation, I was prompted to look at old pictures. I found peace and felt hopeful in seeing how I found so many WAYS to LIVE through what I was going through time and time again!

It inspired me and reaffirmed for me that although we are all going through SO MUCH right now, we can find ways to nourish ourselves and enrich our experiences by finding ways to make these NOs that we are ALL experiencing even a little bit closer to a YES!

"I am allowing myself to celebrate my progress."

And I have been looking for and finding the opportunities in these obstacles. I have been focusing on my passion filled career, trying new and different things and lovingly stretching myself to grow, shift, change and evolve. I am learning how to notice where I can improve while simultaneously allowing myself to acknowledge, own, and celebrate my progress. I have been strengthening my bonds and relationships with my husband and my family in deep and profound ways, by finding ways to creatively connect, and being empathetic toward one another. I am also strengthening my relationship with myself by creating practices to really check in with myself about what I need and want, and then responding with action, compassion, and curiosity.

These are some of the gifts that I am giving myself this year instead of travel. These are also how I continue to Find My YES! in these NOs to keep living and fighting. 

How can you Find Your YES! to keep living and fighting?