4 Tips for Practicing Both Realism and Optimism When Facing a Challenge

How can we be both realistic and optimistic when facing a challenge?

Being both realistic and optimistic about a challenging situation provides an opportunity for you to deal with what is in the now without allowing it to consume you. Yes, it is so much easier said than done, and that’s why I am sharing these tips with you.

"You are stronger than you know, than you can believe or conceive."

Everything has a beginning, and it helps if you adopt a realistic attitude from the start.

We can start practicing how to be realistic by:

  • Asking ourselves, “Have I been putting something on the back burner that I need to deal with in a real way?”
  • Acknowledging the issue, and kindly, lovingly, and compassionately creating an inner dialogue and thought pattern that will encourage you to know that you are strong, brave, and courageous.

At this point, some glimmers of hope and positivity can start to emerge.

  • Through positive self talk you can begin to reframe the issue. What seemed impossible to deal with is becoming more possible.
  • Shifting your mindset from avoiding to acknowledging what you need to do, and believing that you can do it, will help you to ready yourself to take even one small action step in that direction.

Approaching a challenging situation in this way helps you to see that there is hope, that you can find ways to cope, and that you can start to deal. You are stronger than you know, than you can conceive or believe. You’ve got this!