Create Space to Hear Your Intuition

This pandemic has brought about so many changes in our daily lives and routines. One of the ways that I am responding to this time of transformation is making time in my day/week for me to tune into my intuition, and also to hear the internal dialogue that I am having with myself. 

Once I start to get reacquainted with my internal dialogue, I can discern when I am using my inner critic voice or my inner cheerleader. If it is the inner critic voice, I start to shift to a tone that is more loving and compassionate. Then I feel more empowered, and I can respond with resiliency. This helps me to begin to make choices that are truly aligned with what I need and that can best serve me at this time.

"You are empowered and powerful ‒ own it!"

I’m telling you about this strategy that I use because I believe that anyone can use it, no matter who you are or how busy you are. Take some time (even if it is five minutes in the shower in the morning or a few centering breaths at your desk) to stop, tune in to your inner dialogue, and tell the inner cheerleader voice to take over. The more you are acquainted with your inner dialogue, the more you will want to stop and listen.

Feeding your soul with love and nourishing yourself by focusing on YOU—your essence, your inner voice, and your authentic self is how you can become the truest empowered version of you! Take this profound time in history to go inward. Value and own how powerful and worthy you are of having the life you desire simply for being YOU! 

You rock! 

You are powerful and empowered—it is time to believe it, own it and celebrate it!