Do You Feel Like You Are Dropping the Ball?

Even jugglers drop the ball sometimes, so why would we think that it would be any different for us? When we make multiple commitments to ourselves or others at one time this is bound to happen. When it does, how can we respond with self-compassion and humility rather than feeling upset or disappointed with ourselves? If this is happening often in your life- it may be necessary to look at the expectations that you set for yourself. When we create unrealistic expectations, we are consciously or subconsciously setting ourselves up for failure. Let’s be honest, we all get in our own way sometimes and holding ourselves to unrealistic expectations is one of the ways that we do this. I am definitely speaking from personal experience 🙂 who can relate to this?

If you do- you are not alone. Noticing, identifying, and naming that we do this is integral to starting to make changes, to do things differently. Let’s be more gentle and kind to ourselves by starting to shift our expectations to ones that are more realistic while remaining optimistic about fulfilling our goals and desires. We do not have to be harsh with ourselves and hold ourselves to extreme standards to feel proud of ourselves.

When we look at the big picture all at once, it can get overwhelming, but taking one small step at a time can help us to ease our minds. By shifting our expectations and being more realistic we will become more skilled juggler (so to speak) by focusing on one ball (one challenge, one task) at a time. As we create small manageable expectations- we are practicing being kinder to ourselves. And you deserve to feel this way! Tell me one small realistic step that you can begin to take?