I Am Celebrating You!

It is easier to shine when the sun is bright but when it is dim and you need to find the light within, that’s where your inner fighter comes in. Your inner fighter can get you through the darkest of nights. It will get you to show up again and again and say, YES! I CAN when everything inside of you is screaming no I can’t! This can also propel you to create a life worth LIVING and worth the fight!

Recognizing my courage, reframing my challenges and reinventing my life enabled me to rise with resilience. Continuing to do things that I loved through all the NOs, made the challenging times feel less challenging and well worth the fight and effort! My resilient spirit ushered me forward as I found big and small ways to say YES! to myself, to my health, to celebrating being ALIVE, and creating my version of an extraordinary life. 

Living this way made what used to feel impossible, possible. On August 12, 2018, I celebrated two major milestones, both of which I thought were never going to happen. I celebrated the milestone of having my transplanted heart for 20 years, as well as marrying the love of my life. Instead of calling it a wedding, I called it a celebration of love and life. I was celebrating finding my person, my love. I was also celebrating LIFE itself, as well as continuing to receive the gift of life- the biggest gift of ALL. 

I am celebrating YOU! You are amazing and courageous. Whatever challenge you are facing now, remember that you have a fighter within! You can activate your resilience and make your ordinary moments extraordinary by recognizing your courage, reframing your challenges and reinventing your life.