Disconnect to Reconnect

Summer especially is a great season to disconnect, to take a break, to reset, and reassess. When you get caught up overthinking and doing, focusing on situations as well as thoughts, feelings, and people that aren’t serving you, you lose sight of what is- you have trouble finding, seeing, feeling, and connecting with your YES! To find and focus on what lights you up, what you enjoy, what is working- you need to disconnect from what isn’t working to reconnect with your vibrant energy from within.

What is it that you need to disconnect from – to take a break from, to pause, to reset to reassess? Is it:

  • A relationship?
  • Friendships?
  • Social media?
  • Your negative self-talk?
  • Your negative and fearful thoughts?
  • Overthinking and doing? 

Any or all of the above, whatever it may be- by disconnecting you can reconnect with what truly matters to you at this time, what it is that you want to be feeling, thinking, and doing- your YES! 

When you disconnect you create space to reconnect with your light from within. You will feel renewed, refreshed, and reconnected with what truly matters to you. You will see that things are going better than you thought. You will feel: more clarity and less confusion, more calmness and less overwhelm, more centered and less scattered. This is what happens when you disconnect to reconnect with what you do love, want, desire, and enjoy- your YES!