Resiliency, Purpose, and More with Special Guest Jill Hollander

As we continue to experience a summer filled with healing, triumphs, and tragedies often occurring simultaneously, I am honored to have had an enlightening and thought provoking conversation with Megan Czuchra on her World of Wellness Podcast. During our conversation I shared how to keep going when things get hard, and what being resilient looks like in practice. I know from my lived experiences of being born with a congenital heart defect, having had two open heart surgeries, and a heart transplant all by the time I was eighteen. And then, in my thirties I was diagnosed with six different occurrences of a transplant related cancer. As you can imagine, I truly know that life can get us down. I also know that we have to find a way to not get stuck there, and to learn how we can continue to choose time and time again to keep going, fighting, loving and living our lives through all the ups, downs, twists and turns. We can’t wait until everything is perfect to truly begin to live- life is now. We have to live in the now and do the best that we can.

Through my life experiences, I created a process of recognizing my courage, reframing my challenges, and reinventing my life to turn my obstacles into opportunities to truly live, which motivated me to rise with resiliency. Now as a resilience coach and speaker I teach others how to be resilient by recognizing their courage, reframing their challenges, and reinventing their lives. In this podcast I share the general steps of this process that I use with my clients to help them to rise with resiliency when dealing with tough situations. The first step to recognize your courage that we discussed in detail is- Name It! Claim It! Change It! I am sharing the links to this podcast with you, so you can have an outline of how to begin to become more resilient as you recognize your courage, reframe your challenge, and reinvent your life. Check out this podcast, there is both an audio and YouTube version. HERE is the link to listen to the audio version. HERE is the link to watch the YouTube version.