Scared but Ready!

Are things falling apart or coming together? While we are pursuing our desires, the way there can feel daunting at times. We may begin to question why we started this in the first place and if we really want it? These are all important questions that most often come from fear. What ifs can flood our minds, but how can we not allow them to take up all of our time, and not get consumed with or thrown off track by the many sneaky emotions that can disguise our fears such as: resistance, anger, avoidance, self-doubt,  procrastination, etc. 

When things feel that they are coming apart, it may be that we are experiencing growing pains that come from the transformation and evolution of becoming- becoming a more authentically expressed version of ourselves. It may just be that things have to fall apart in order to come together. How can we embrace this messy middle where it feels like there is so much uncertainty and fear? This part is hard. The messy middle is where we are laying the foundation for what is to come next. Patience is definitely required as the timeline may not be the same as what we had envisioned. Through this process of unfolding, where things are falling apart, it may just be that we are on the cusp of it all starting to come together- to flow, to click. 

This is why it is imperative that we recognize our fears and do it anyway. So we can continue forward in the pursuit of our dreams, when we feel that so much is ending and we are not sure yet what is beginning. Our fears do not have to stop us, instead, we can invite them to come with us as we keep going knowing that we are scared but ready.