Are You Ready to Bloom?

“Something new is ready to bloom and something amazing is coming your way!” -Erin Stutland

When we feel newness coming into our lives and start to feel the bubbling anticipatory excitement of what is to come, this is so AMAZING as it often makes our heart and soul swirl with wonderment & delight!

Then there is the other side of this, that we don’t talk about as much, which is when the excitement starts to dull because our minds start to race with all the what-ifs. Self-doubt creeps in, as our self-talk can take on a critical and negative tone. Sometimes even unconsciously we begin to self-sabotage.

This is often what happens when a change even and especially a positive one is coming our way! The transition period can often test us and stress us, because we are asking ourselves to step up and step out in a way that we have not before and that is scary. A key component is to not let that fear stop us from moving forward!

We may get bogged down for a bit but the most important piece is that we don’t quit!

I have had many transitional periods as I am sure we all have! Some of mine have included:

  • Saying YES! to the life-saving gift of a heart transplant! 
    • Choosing to live fully and not let the fear of the possibility of limited time stop me but instead it fostered my ability to recognize that the ordinary is extraordinary. With this perspective, I have chosen to intentionally live my life and filled it with traveling, celebrating milestones, having fun, being with loving family and friends, and creating a life that lights me up from the inside out!
  • Meeting and falling in love with my now husband.
    • Getting married ( something I never thought that I would do) 
  • Making a much-needed and desired career change filled with purpose and passion. 

What are some examples of when you were beginning to bloom and in that, you had to make room for the growing pains that often come along with it?

I am in the process of doing this right now as I have some new and exciting career changes that are beginning to bloom and yes navigating the shadow side of the blooming process as the prickly thorns appear and I am finding
ways to clip them off before I get stuck and stopped by overwhelming fear.

I can’t wait to share with you all what is about to bloom, stay tuned!