Are You Following Your Intuition?

We all have an inner guidance system, our intuition. One of the best ways to tap into finding your unique voice is to listen to your intuition. I know this is a lot easier to say than it is to actually do! One of the reasons that it may be so challenging is there is so much outside of ourselves vying for our attention, so much so that oftentimes we may feel that we are having a metaphorical tug of war with what we are hearing externally and what we know to be true intuitively.

When we are experiencing this push-pull, how do we find the courage to listen to our intuition when it is in juxtaposition with what is being said externally? Here are three ways check-in and trust your intuition:

  • Pay attention to your gut reaction (not your first thought, that is different but your first guttural often physical response) 
  • Remember all the times that your intuition has provided you guidance in the past (whether you listened or did not and wished that you had)
  • Create a saying to remind yourself of the power of your intuition    (for example: my intuition helps me to tune into my body, my needs, and what is or is not right for me-listen to it) 

The more that we trust ourselves, our inner knowing, we can stand more firmly in what we know is right and true for ourselves as individuals. This knowledge will help us to stay steadfast in following our intuition when we feel the tug of war begin between what we know to be true and what others are telling us to do. Remember that you are the CEO of your life- no one knows your needs, your body, your desires more than you! Be true to authentically wonderful courageous YOU!