When We Just Want To Run Away and Hide, How Can We Stay and Deal?

Sometimes situations, circumstances, relationships, etc. are extremely challenging that our initial reaction may be to avoid them. We may ignore, resist, or at times fully deny what is happening. We may feel that this is a way to keep ourselves safe, to prevent ourselves from feeling ALL our emotions.

Avoiding and denying can keep us from dealing and eventually healing. Denial can have small to more significant implications. It may prevent us from hearing what we need to hear, from getting the diagnosis in the early stages before it progresses. Denial can be dangerous.

"Deciding to deal no matter what is one approach that can help you to say YES! to yourself and your health."

I have faced many scary diagnoses and heard news that I didn’t want to hear. Through these experiences I allowed myself to fully feel my sadness, anger, overwhelm, frustration, and more. Feeling it fully allows me to DEAL with what is to take EMPOWERED ACTION! This is a process that works for me. I need to fully feel it to deal with it. This approach propels me into action! I have honed this approach through the years by working with a therapist to identify, discuss, and process my emotions. Seeking professional support helped me to create a response and process that works for me to deeply feel my emotions to deal directly, and to not deny or avoid challenging situations. Dealing motivates me to be realistic, optimistic, and proactive!

How can you begin to stay and deal with the hard stuff? Who can you connect with for professional guidance to feel supported, and to find an approach that works for you and your body to safely navigate acknowledging your emotions? Making the choice to stay rather than run to deal rather than deny can be a transformative experience. Deciding to deal no matter what is one approach that can help you to say YES! to yourself and your health. It can foster your inner fighting spirit that can propel you out of denial and into action!