Five Proactive Approaches To Deal With Challenges!

When challenges arise, you may feel fearful, overwhelmed, upset etc. Who can relate? One way that I respond with courage is I show up scared, angry, frustrated, and terrified as I may be and face my challenge. I make the decision that I will show up. I will not allow my fear to suffocate me, or suppress me. Fear may slow me down or deter me for a bit but it won’t stop me! Let’s show up with all our big emotions and face our challenges! 

"Fear may slow me down or deter
me for a bit but it won’t stop me!"

A few the proactive approaches that help me to show up despite my fear, and to persevere no matter what are:

  • Creating a YES! I can, YES! I will mindset.
  • Developing a mindset that fosters the traits of grit, tenacity, determination, and willpower helps me to use these traits to propel me in to taking action.
  • Using a resilient approach so that no matter how many setbacks, challenges, or difficulties I face; I bounce back every time, and continue to deal with what is so I can create what could be possible.
  • Using problem solving skills to make what feels like a NO closer to a YES! by thinking outside the box, and finding creative approaches that help me to hope, cope, and deal.
  • Advocating for myself by:
    • Finding my voice by following my intuition and allowing it to guide me by connecting me to that part of myself that knows what I want or need.
    • Using my voice to express how I am feeling, and what I need to share with others who can be integral in helping me to get what I need.
    • Owning my voice by being proactive, and putting advocacy in to action as I take the necessary action steps.

What are some approaches that you use that help you to show up no matter what? Maybe you can try to start to use some of these approaches that I’ve shared to help you to rise up to your challenges? Creating approaches that promote a proactive response to deal with your challenges can help you to feel empowered even when life throws you curve balls.