Was I Too Vulnerable?

Being vulnerable is scary. It is not easy to show how we truly feel- sometimes we can’t even admit it to ourselves. However, when we are vulnerable first with ourselves and later share it with those whom we feel have earned the right to hear our truest and often deepest thoughts, feelings, and perspective we create a deeper and more authentic connection. If we want deep rooted soul aligned relationships vulnerability is key to creating this. 

It is essential that when we choose to be vulnerable that we do so with intention. That we decide to share with those that have shown us previously that they are loyal, sincere, and are people that will support us, not neglect us in our time of need. Often these are people with whom the connection has been building and deepening over time. When we want to be more vulnerable we can test the waters first by metaphorically dipping our toe in by sharing one piece of real, raw, heartfelt information, and we can observe the other’s response and how it makes us feel. When we share one small bit of information at a time, this prevents us from asking ourselves- did I share too much too soon? Was I too vulnerable? 

Having an open vulnerable relationship is developed over time and the people that we are most vulnerable with are often our tried and true friendships. For me these are often the same people who are part of my support squad- the friends, family members, and professionals that I can count on time and time again for support, compassion, empathy, guidance, etc. Who are the people in your support squad? Who are the ones that you go to for vulnerable heart to heart conversations? 

Vulnerability is a gift that we give to ourselves first by being blatantly honest with ourselves, and then we can share more honestly and openly with members of our support squad. When we do this we can feel more wholeheartedly seen, heard, and understood. It also gives others permission and an invitation to share openly with us. True friendships are precious gifts and being vulnerable is the best way to unwrap the present of friendship one layer at a time.