Every NO is an opportunity!

We have the power to choose how we think, feel, act, and LIVE our lives! We can transform our pain into purpose. With the messy middle as our canvas, we can create our own masterpiece! We can view ourselves as the victor, not the victim of our circumstances. 

Every NO is an opportunity to begin to find creative solutions to find a way to make our desires a reality in some shape or form. When we are told NO you can’t…, we can use this as a springboard and motivator to develop creative solutions to make what once seemed impossible not only possible but plausible. 

I know because I have done it, and you can too! I never allowed my situation or circumstances to define me or stop me from LIVING my life! When people thought I couldn’t, I proved that I could! When someone told me NO, that was when I started to create a plan and use problem-solving skills to make what was once a NO closer to a YES! 

Through all the NOs that I was told, I continually chose to use problem solving skills to find ways to live as fully as possible and continue to view myself as healthy through:

  • diagnoses
  • procedures
  • surgeries
  • receiving a heart transplant
  • six different occurrences of a transplant related cancer

Although you may not have had any of these experiences, we all face challenges and obstacles. Whatever feels challenging to you and in whatever part of your life you are hearing- NO, you can’t… I am here to remind you that YES you can! You can find creative solutions by learning and using problem solving skills to resiliently LIVE your life through all the ups, downs, twists, and turns. You are braver, stronger, and more courageous than you know. You have the power to choose to create the life you desire no matter what!