Gratitude Creates Reframed Thoughts and Perspective Shifts!  

Gratitude is the ultimate conduit to help you to reframe thought processes and shift perspective about a situation or circumstance. This time of year with Thanksgiving & the Holiday Season around the corner we may be starting to think about what we are grateful for, I know that I did this for years- I would make a gratitude list every Thanksgiving. Around 2010 or so, I started to think to myself I feel so amazing when I do this, I am going to start keeping a daily gratitude journal. 

This is exactly what I have done regularly since then. It is from my experiences of practicing daily gratitude that I began to make the connection between appreciating what is working, reframing negative thoughts, and shifting perspective. They are all connected. Practicing gratitude regularly can be your springboard toward beginning to reframe a situation from negative to more optimistic as well as making a perspective shift.

When you are practicing gratitude you are literally looking for what is working, relishing in what you are grateful for naturally leads you toward finding and appreciating what is going well. This organically leads you to look at your situation from a more optimistic reframed and refocused lens since you have already begun to shift your perspective by practicing gratitude.

What are you grateful for today? How can relishing in this help you to reframe your thoughts to better feeling thoughts and create a shift in your perspective?