It is such a profound joy and honor to speak in front of groups and use my own experiences and stories of finding my YES! to inspire others to do the same in their own lives.

I fully believe that no matter what might be appearing as a hurdle or block in your life it is possible to FIND YOUR YES!

My speaking style is energizing, empowering, dynamic, and interactive. I have experience speaking in front of a wide range of audiences and demographics, at schools, hospitals, businesses, meetings, clubs, and more.

My talks inspire audiences to grow through their own stories and experiences. 

They will be given the opportunity to adjust their lens on how they view their situation and step into a mindset of resilience instead of an attitude of victimhood. I provide actionable tools and tips to help audiences FIND THEIR YES! Participants leave with a new perspective on how to live their lives.

Jill Hollander’s ‘FIND YOUR YES!’ talk literally changed my life. I’ve never been a positive person, but now know it’s possible to create victories for yourself, no matter how small, in any situation.
Robin G.


Find Your YES!

Personal stories and anecdotes outline the key components of how to FIND YOUR YES! by using strategies to shift your mindset and attitude, self-advocacy skills to find and use your voice, and harnessing problem solving skills and coping tools.

The YES! Filled Mindset

This talk encourages audiences to create a resilient mindset and use their experiences to foster attributes of hope, grit, tenacity, and determination to propel them forward to FIND THEIR YES! Even in a Sea of NOs.

Saying YES! to Your New Normal

The idea of adjusting to a new “normal” can be scary and overwhelming. This presentation describes how saying YES! to this period of change can be profoundly rewarding and transformative!  

*I will work with you to customize any of these signature talks based on your event or organization’s needs and objectives. 

Additional themes and topics can include:

●  Saying YES! By Saying No: Knowing what you don’t want for your life can lead you to what you do! See how your BIG LOUD NO can lead to your FULL BODY YES!

●  Become a YES! to Yourself First: Get to know and love yourself, and you will inevitably set higher standards and clearer boundaries for how others treat you.  

●  Getting Back to YES! After a Series of NOs: Stuck and overwhelmed by all of the nos you have experienced? Find inspiration in the world around you that will motivate you to FIND YOUR YES! again and again.

●  Rising with Resiliency: Bouncing back from a setback is both an internal and external process.  Fostering resiliency within and creating support systems and structures from family, friends, and professionals are important in order to respond with tenacity and grit.

●  Say YES! By…: How do you need to say YES! to your life? Is it by…Being your own self-advocate? Practicing self-care? Speaking up for yourself? Following your intuition? Saying no? Create your own unique YES-Filled Life.

●  Living in Active Acceptance: Face your current situation with hope, realism, and optimism and, in doing so, create opportunities for personal growth.

●  Obstacles to Opportunities, Trials to Triumphs: Every single challenge is an opportunity to find your strength. Access your inner superhero and turn your biggest obstacle into your greatest triumph!

Rise Up to Your Challenge: Find your inner “Rudy!” You are strong, you are courageous, and you can rise up and say YES! no matter what challenge you may be working through.

●  The Bucket List Life: Ask yourself daily, “How do I want to live?” and create a life filled with the things you love to do. Don’t wait to live out your bucket list – live a life that excites you RIGHT NOW!


Jill is a strong woman who will inspire you to pull out your own strength. Jill presents her life wisdom and knowledge in ways that will motivate you to Find Your YES! in the face of the toughest of life’s challenges.
Mary J.