Is It Merely Luck?

The feeling I get when I see people who are overcoming obstacles, breaking barriers, and achieving the one thing that most people thought they never could gives me such an indescribable feeling! This is because I have been an underdog in many situations. Finding my YES! motivated me to respond with: grit, tenacity, perseverance, determination, self-advocacy, resiliency, problem solving, hoping, coping, & dealing.

"Rising up to challenges takes commitment, dedication, and diligence."

I have been honored to witness many heart warriors, transplant recipients, cancer warriors, people diagnosed with autism, and individuals diagnosed with severe language and learning difficulties rise up to their challenges. What I always notice is the courage, strength, heart, hope, determination, and grit of the individuals and their family members. This is why it feels inaccurate to me when I hear myself and/or others who have turned their setbacks into comebacks described as lucky. Fate, timing, resources can definitely greatly impact the outcome, however, when the positive outcome is attributed to luck alone this does not acknowledge the difficult decisions, actions, and behaviors taken by the individuals and their family to help to create the triumphant result.

I know that rising up to challenges takes unwavering commitment, dedication, diligence, and so much more. These are challenging times, no matter what difficulties you are up against. I want to let you know that YOU are integral in rising up to your challenge by doing EVERYTHING in your power to create a positive outcome. You are powerful, strong, and courageous. YOU can turn your adversaries into opportunities to rise up!